Adding a new driver to an existing UEFI firmware

Following up on efifs and VMWare firmware extraction, you might be interested to find out how, for instance, you should proceed to add an NTFS EFI driver to an existing UEFI firmware, so that you can access/boot NTFS volumes from UEFI.
Reading NTFS volumes natively from UEFI

If that's the case, then look no further than this guide.

It provides a step by step breakdown, using VMWare, of how you can generate an UEFI firmware module from an EFI driver executable (through FFS, which is a convenient repackaging of the EDK2's GenSec and GenFfs), and insert it into an existing UEFI firmware to make the driver natively available:
A VMWare UEFI firmware with a native NTFS driver

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