Atmel AVR USB - Using LUFA with the AVR Studio 5 IDE

OK, so now we have our working makefile that builds our LUFA app using nothing but a DOS prompt and the AVR Studio 5 toolchain.

But how about being able to do both the development and compilation from the AVR Studio UI, to have something that resembles a serious development environment at last?

Supposedly the only step, since Atmel were kind enough to provide a conversion tool in AVRS5, is to convert the .aps file we got from LUFA and use the result. I'm still going to use the Joystick demo from the previous post to demonstrate that, since its makefile was fixed to work with AVRS5.

idiotic idiosyncrasies

So File -> Import AVR Studio 4 Project, then browse to the Demos\Device\ClassDriver\Joystick\Joystick.aps.
Now, if you don't select the right directory, Microsoft (this one's an MS idiotic idiosyncrasy, as they do the same in regular Visual Studio) will duplicate the files into a new location, instead of simply reusing the existing one. There's enough data duplication in the world already, so let's avoid that. The original source location is the location we want to use for the project.
So you thought that selecting the Demos\Device\ClassDriver\Joystick\ directory for the Solution Folder would do the trick? Wrong. Whatever you pick, Microsoft will create an extra subdirectory using the solution name in there, so if you use Demos\Device\ClassDriver\Joystick\, all the files will be duplicated into Demos\Device\ClassDriver\Joystick\Joystick\.
No bother then, you say, I'll just use Demos\Device\ClassDriver\ and AVR Studio will then pick up the existing Joystick\ directory and reuse the original files... My young little Padawan, you have a lot to learn about how people are hell bent on making sure convenience is unreachable in this world!

If you try that, you'll get the error:
Project Import Failed : The process cannot access the file 'D:\lufa-lib\Demos\Device\ClassDriver\Joystick\makefile' because it is being used by another process. [Activity : Converting AVR Studio 4 ExternalMakeFileSettings]

Yup, the whole process fails because the file that the process wants to modify is being accessed by the process itself. The thing is, either Atmel or MS is so adamant about duplicating files all over the place, for no good reason, that they haven't considered this really wild idea that someone would ever want not to duplicate the bloody file, and therefore fail to consider that if source and dest are the same, they shouldn't try to copy the files. This is so utterly idiotic!

The workaround? Actually use Demos\Device\ClassDriver\Joystick\ for the Solution Folder, so that the files are duplicated into a Joystick\ subdirectory, close AVR Studio, move the Joystick.avrgccproj file from Joystick\Joystick\ to Joystick\, and then manually edit the Joystick.avrsln file with a text editor and replace the "Joystick\Joystick.avrgccproj" reference there with "Joystick.avrgccproj".
Then delete the Joystick\ subdirectory, and you should be set as Nature (but not Microsoft) intended, i.e. with all of the solution, the project files and the source in the same single directory.

Once you've done that, you should be able to open your LUFA solution and get it to compile straight from AVRS5. Neat!

The only small issue that seems to exist is that when issuing "Rebuild Solution" in AVRS5, which calls "make clean all" behind the scenes, we run into the "opening dependency file .dep/Joystick.o.d: No such file or directory" error again. This seems to be a makefile issue, with the -include $(shell mkdir .dep) $(wildcard .dep/*) line being executed before the clean command, and thus not being able to re-create the .dep\ directory.

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